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Discover why Classic Military Rings are different...
Don't buy any military ring until you read this!

If you buy a ring based on looks or price alone, you could be in for trouble down the road. That's because many rings look good when they're new . . . but they're not built to last.

Here are four questions you should always ask when buying a ring:

1. Is it plated or solid?

Some manufacturers make their rings of cheap metals like brass, then plate them with a thin film of gold. But when the plating wears off — and it will — the ring is junk.

All Classic Military Rings are solid metal — not plated.


2. Is it hollowed out or does it have a solid back?

Hollow rings can cause skin irritation. And, due to their light weight, they can break or crush easily. Remember, a less expensive ring really isn't a good deal if it bends because it's too flimsy.

Classic Military Rings have a solid back. And, because they're of substantial weight, they're strong enough for long wear. You won't have to worry about your ring breaking if you bump something. Our rings have a feel of substance on your finger.

3. Is it designed for comfort as well as looks?

Some rings are so wide and bulky that they're basically unwearable. Others have thin edges that dig into your skin.

The clean, modern styling and solid-back design make the Classic Military Rings incredibly comfortable to wear. And, because each ring is custom-made for your finger size, it's proportioned correctly.

4. How well is it finished?

You can tell a cheap ring from a fine piece of jewelry by the quality of the finish work. Mass-produced rings often have uneven surfaces, pits, and file marks.

Every Classic Military Ring is hand-polished to gleaming perfection by our master polisher. This final step brings out the true beauty of your ring.

The bottom line?

When you compare quality, value and price, you'll find that a Classic Military Ring is the best choice.

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