Classic Military Rings
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Company History
by Mitchell Lang

Classic Military Rings are made by Freedom Design, located in Hannibal, Missouri. Our roots go back to 1938, when a goldsmith named Irving Lang began designing and manufacturing fine jewelry in New York City. Irv was a very talented jeweler (his creations were purchased by celebrities including Frank Sinatra). His skills led him to build one of the top jewelry casting companies in the country.

In the early '90's Irv designed a prototype for an 82nd Airborne Division ring using a brand new computer die-cutting system. The detail in the insignia was amazing . . . far beyond anything a model maker could achieve using traditional wax carving.

Irv's son, Mitchell Lang, knew his dad was onto something. That's because, until now, just about all military rings on the market looked like high school rings. What's more, many of these rings were mass-produced and cheaply made. It seemed to him that active duty military personnel and veterans deserved something a whole lot better. Mitchell's hunch turned out to be correct. Starting with a few designs, sales grew quickly by word-of-mouth. In a few years the line had expanded to over 150 designs. Today over 25,000 servicemen and women — both active duty and veterans — wear a Classic Military ring.

Mitchell operated the business in partnership with the company's head goldsmith, Brett Gober, a highly skilled craftsman with over 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Brett's workmanship was a major part of the business' success, and when Mitchell retired in 2005 he turned the operation over to Brett. Brett and his staff are continuing our tradition of offering superior workmanship and professional customer service to our military men and women.

We take a great deal of pride in our reputation for quality and personal customer service. Your ring will be made by our master craftsmen, to quality standards rarely seen today. We don't cut corners and we don't compromise on quality. You'll see this first-class workmanship the minute you slip on your new ring.

Our method is much more time-consuming than the typical mass production approach. For this reason, we limit production to 300 rings per month.

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